Elscint recently manufactured a bowl feeder for feeding of Metal Inserts. The requirement was to feed the inserts in a vertical manner. One side was having threading while the other side was having a small dome. Orientation was dome side up. The size of the insert was dia 15 mm x 25.80 mm ht. The customer’s robot would pick up two inserts at a time and hence a double outlet bowl feeder was provided. Additionally, a linear vibrator of 400 mm length with two outlets was provided with a singulator at the end. The singulator was operated with a single cylinder and would vertically take up the inserts by 30 mm, for ease of pick up by the customer’s robot. A Poka-yoke was provided in the bowl to ensure that firstly, no wrongly oriented insert came at the pick up point and secondly, to ensure that the singulator does not get pushed up without an insert (blank). Two inserts would be kept ready for pick up at all time. Once they were picked up, the next two would be kept ready. The complete assembly was mounted on a table with its separate control panel. As against the customer requirement of 8 strokes per minute (8+8 parts), Elscint provided a speed of 12 strokes per minute (12 + 12 parts). Elscint chose its Model 400 with a dia 650 mm bowl as the customer wanted a loading capacity of 2000 parts. The wt. of the 2000 inserts too came to 25 kgs, which could easily be accommodated in Model 400 whose weight carrying capacity is 30 kgs. You can watch video of the insert vibratory bowl feeder.  

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