Elscint, recently manufactured two vibratory bowl feeders for feeding of metal hooks. The hooks were having size 20 mm width x 27 mm length x 2 mm thk. A speed of 120+ hooks per minute was required. They were to be oriented in U shaped i.e. hanging on a rail. The challenge was that the hooks would come crossed, which was not allowed. Elscint designed the tooling in such a way that the crossed ones were easily removed and only the ones which we single came forward. Against he required speed of 120 hooks per minute, Elscint provided more than 160 parts per minute. Model 250 with a step bowl was suggested for this application. A cast aluminium bowl was used with the tooling being in stainless steel. The bowl was coated with Elscinthane PU coating. Using a cast alminium bowl is highly recommended as in case the hooks change, the tooling can easily be modified for the new type of hooks. In fact, one more size of hook was also accommodated in the same bowl without any change over. The size of the other hook was 20 mm width x 29 mm length and 2 mm thickness. You can watch video of the hook vibratory bowl feeder.  

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