Elscint manufactured and supplied a Vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of Engine Valves having head diameter from dia 20 mm to dia 48 mm with length varying between 60 mm to 140 mm in head down orientation. The tendency of the engine valves is to come up in axial orientation, either head forward or behind. Making them in head up orientation is easy as a single slot in the wall makes them head up. Making them head down requires a different type of orientation tooling which Elscint provided in this bowl feeder. The tooling was made so versatile that all the above sizes could be accommodated without any changeover. This resulted in ease for the operator when sizes are changed. The requirement was to feed the valves for laser welding. Hence, a linear vibrator was provided after the vibratory bowl feeder which would take the valves upto a fixture. Thereafter, a singulator would isolate and push a single engine valve onto the fixture were the laser welding would take place. After the laser welding operation, the valve was released into a bin. Elscint provided the complete system, including the control panel with a Siemens make PLC which even controlled the laser welding machine. A cycle time of 30 parts per minute was achieved. You can watch the video of the equipment.

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