Elscint recently manufactured a bowl feeder for feeding of small flat insert pins, with a finger on one side, having size 6 x 20.4 mm length x 0.8 mm thickness. The customer required that two insert pins vertical, at a centre distance of 80 mm ready for pick up by his robot. Hence, the requirement was to get two pins in vertical orientation with the finger on top, singulated for pick up. Elscint used its Model 160 with a cylindrical bowl having two track. This ensured that two insert pins came out at the required centre distance. Then the parts were taken forward through a gravity chute, pneumatically singulated and after singulation dropped into an insertion point which was further pushed forward 120 mm by another pneumatic cylinder in order to ease the customer pick up. A feed rate (at the pick up point) of 20 parts per minute x 2 was achieved. The insert pins being only 0.8 mm in thickness, the gravity chute and the singulation had to be very accurate, the same was done by using tool steel parts, which were hardened and ground. Elscint provided complete electrical controls for this feeding system ensuring that the customer got two insert pins ready for pick up at any time. Poka yoke to ensure that blank insert pins or upside down insert pins are not fed was also provided. The equipment was supplied to the customer, who integrated the robot with the feeding system. You can have a look at the video of the equipment.

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