Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeder where very small ball guide having size dia 2.15 mm x 2.30 mm ht. were required in two rows in axial orientation. The part had a chamfer on one side and the chamfer was required to be always leading. He chamfer was just 0.5 mm and this made the orientation very critical. When the parts are small and orientation is critical, it is imperative that the equipment be made with high accuracy. Hence, Elscint manufactured a machined bowl made of stainless steel for this application. This ensured that the accuracy was very high. Orientation tooling was made by hand and screwed to the bowl. This ensured that if any adjustment is required, it can be easily made in the future. Further, another size having dia 2.45 x 3.45 mm length was also required to be fed in the same bowl. The tooling being attached by screws, ensured that the when the parts changed, the changeover would be fast and easy. Additionally, as there were two outlets, proper overflow was needed to be ensured on each of the outlets. A speed of 30 parts per minute was achieved per outlet as against the customer requirement of just 8 parts per minute per outlet. You can watch the video of the bowl feeder for ball guide.

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