Elscint has developed a unique Magnet Stacking and Loading Special Purpose Machine for stacking of Ground “E” Core Magnets on Trays. This Machine can be attached ahead of the Grinding Machine where the Magnets are Ground. After coming out of the Grinding Machine, the Magnets are washed in a small specially prepared booth while they pass on a Conveyor Belt. Then the Magnets are turned in ninety degrees with the help of specially designed stoppers while they pass on another Conveyor. Thereafter, with the help of an Elscint Pneumatic Diverter, the Magnets are divided into two rows. Then with an Elscint Escapement, two Magnets are held back while two rest on a Magnetised Block. The Block is turned one eighty degrees with a Pneumatic Actuator and the Magnets are stacked on a Chute. The Magnets are then pushed forward. Fourteen Magnets are then picked up by a Magnetised Cylinder and placed on a Tray. The Tray can accommodate 4 rows of fourteen Magnets. After each row is placed, the Tray is pushed forward with the help of a Rope Conveyor and the next row is placed. The Machine can stack 30 Magnets in a minute i.e. two rows are stacked every Minute. The Machine is controlled by a Siemens make PLC and all operations can be controlled through a MMI. All faults and problems are highlighted on the MMI and separate indicative LEDs are given for each of them. The Machine, which includes three Conveyors is housed on a specially designed Table. All the Electrical and Pneumatic Circuitry is inside / below the Table leaving the top portion free for placing the empty and full trays. A total of 5 Empty Trays and 4 Full Trays can be accommodated on the Table. The size of the Machine is 4 Mtr. (Length) X 800 mm (Width) x 780 mm (ht.).

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