Elscint recently completed an order of feeding systems for a leading multi national shaving products manufacturing company. The scope of supply included a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of the razor cartridges along with covers, an extra capacity hopper elevator, stand with height adjustment and a gravity track with a pneumatic escapement to release the cartridges on the conveyor of the customer’s packing machine. Elscint even took up the integration part wherein the dispensed cartridges where placed on the conveyor at a very high speed by taking an appropriate signal from the conveyor. For the 43 mm long cartridges, Elscint provided a speed of 160 parts per minute with escapement. The bowl feeder fed the cartridges at a speed of more than 180 parts per minute. The hopper elevator was a vertical one with a capacity of 15000 cartridges, resulting in more than one hour’s loading capacity. This helped one operator man 3 equipment. The equipment was provided with proper electrical controls and safety controls. Elscint had supplied similar 10 equipments almost 15 years back which are working without any problems 24 x 7 at the customers two locations. With addition of 6 more equipment, the total supplies went upto 16. You can watch the video of the Elscint Razor Cartridge feeding equipment

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