Elscint recently manufactured and supplied another set of two hopper elevators, each with 2 outlets for feeding of brass cartridges. Elscint had supplied similar double outlet Elevators to the same customer in the defense sector less than a year back. After observing the performance of the same for more than 6 months, the customer placed a repeat order for the same.

The cartridges to be fed were having a minor diameter of 4.5 mm and major diameter of 6 mm while the length was 60 mm. This made the feeding quite difficult as the cartridges had a tendency of getting jammed between the belt and the side guides of the elevator. Further the customer wanted a storage capacity of 150 kgs, which translated into a 75 ltr. Hopper. Elscint used a stainless steel hopper of 75 ltrs and used a polyamide belt for this purpose. The requirement was to feed to two separate rotary feeders and hence two outlets were provided. A pneumatic flap operated with two separate pneumatic cylinders were provided. Elscint even provided level sensors for each of the rotary feeders into which the cartridges were to be dumped. The programming of the panel was made in such a manner than in case one rotary feeder got empty, the cartridges fell into that one. In case that got filled, the cartridges fell into the other one and in case both the feeders were full, the elevator itself was stopped. A limit switch was provided to ensure that the motor would trip in case of excess load. Elscint double reduction geared motor Model DM 3852 giving an output rpm of 5 was attached to the elevators. This time, the customer had requested for some minor changes in the electrical panel, which was implemented to his satisfaction.

A level indicator was also provided inside the hopper so that a buzzer with tower lamp was activated in case the hopper got empty. The elevators were completely covered with side M.S. covers and the belt and hoppers were provided easily removable polycarbonate covers. The elevators were mounted on castor wheels along with the provision for levelling screws. The equipment was completed within 6 weeks and even commissioned at the customers premises in South India.

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