Tooling of vibratory bowl feeders is a business where experience counts more than anything. In fact, it takes more than two years for a person to understand tooling of a bowl feeder. Being in business for 40 years, Elscint is very well placed in this respect. Presently Elscint’s workforce has a combined tooling experience of almost 200 years behind it, ensuring that almost all types of components have been handled by its team one time or the other.

Elscint has thus, been serving the world’s industry by providing small part handling solutions using vibratory bowl feeders, linear feeders, small parts conveyor feeders, rotary or centrifugal feeders etc.

The advantage of having experience in this field of activity is that if you have already fed the same part or even a similar part, manufacturing a similar bowl becomes easy and fast. It can save a lot of time, which translates into lesser delivery time as well as reduced cost as the major cost of a bowl feeder manufacturer is time, try outs and mistakes. If these are eliminated, then cost of the bowl comes down. This especially holds true in the case of Elscint as it has fed a huge number of parts uptill now, what with having completed more than 25000 feeding systems uptill now which are in operation in more than 60 countries. The parts which have been fed by Elscint uptill now range from rollers having diameter 2 mm to bottles having diameter 65 mm x 140 mm ht. Further, all types of materials too have been fed, right from polyamide, plastic to carbide to even nuclear pellets. Many times, it is observed for the same dimensional part, if the material changes, the performance in the bowl too changes. Hence, this makes it imperative that one approaches an experienced bowl feeder manufacturer for feeding requirements. Elscint, being in business since 1983 is very well placed in this regard.

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