Elscint, recently completed a project where the requirement was to feed small pins having diameter of just dia 1.6 x 11.20 mm length & dia 1.6 x 14.25 mm length. One end of both the pins were flat while the other was pointed. The customer wanted the orientation to be pointed side forward in a tube for both the pins. Elscint had already supplied a bowl feeder for dia 1.6 x 11.20 mm length pins to the same customer with a bowl diameter of 200 mm. This time the customer wanted a slightly bigger bowl. Hence, Elscint used a cylindrical bowl of diameter 270 mm on its Model 160 drive unit. Separate bowl feeders were used for each of these pins. The outlet was provided in a plastic tube. Elscint could achieve a speed of above 100 parts per minute with only the pointed side forward. Elscint provided 100% accuracy of orientation. This was very important as in case of even a single pin coming in wrong orientation, they would jam in the outlet tube. You can watch the video of the Elscint Bowl feeder for feeding the pointed pins.

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