Elscint, recently manufactured a high speed vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of various types of coins at a speed of 250 coins per minute (for a dia 30 mm coin). Elscint used its Model 400 for this application with a cast aluminium bowl. The tooling was made in stainless steel and the complete bowl was coated with Elscinthane PU coating. The bowl had a diameter of 650 mm. Coins of various sizes from dia 10 mm x 1 mm thk to dia 40 mm x 3.5 mm thk were fed in the bowl and hence, Elscint designed a highly specialized tooling which helped reduce the change over time drastically. The change parts were all made in such a way that the adjustment was easy and fast. This ensured that even unskilled technicians could do the changeover tooling in very less time. Ahead of the bowl, a gravity chute was provided for taking the coins upto the conveyor of the customer. This too had provision for adjustment as per the various sizes of coins. A cubical stand with (+/-) 100 mm height adjustment too was provided along with the bowl feeder.

            The customer wanted to export the bowl feeders to Europe along with his equipment and it helped that Elscint vibrators are having CE marking, ensuring that the stringent European safety requirements are taken care of.  You can watch the video of the bowl feeder for coins.  

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