Elscint, recently manufactured a high speed vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of 3 types of caps with double outlet at a speed of 75 caps per minute per row. Elscint used its Model 400 for this application with a stainless steel step / cascade design bowl. The bowl had a diameter of 680 mm. In fact, Elscint has designed a highly specialized tooling which can help reduce the change over time drastically. The change parts were all made in such a way that these can fit in the correct positions and there hence, no slots were required for adjustment. This ensured that even unskilled technicians could do the changeover tooling in very less time. All the three caps were having diameter less than the length of the cap and hence most caps would come in axial direction. It was required to get the caps up in open side up position. Thereafter a wire cut rod type twisted chute was provided to twist the caps in 180 degrees position to make them open side facing ground. After this twisting, they were bifurcated into two rows, thus giving two outlets. A gravity chute too was provided which ensured that the caps were taken to the pick up position. The end position was made flat. Additionally, a stopper and pick up arrangement was provided for ease of pick up by the customer. Speeds of 160 to 180 caps were achieved (together) for various cap sizes which ranged from dia 19 mm to dia 25 mm and length ranging from 25 mm to 32 mm.

Plus Elscint vibrators having CE marking, the stringent European safety requirements are taken care of. Elscint can also provide base plates, stands and chutes, thus providing the customer with a total solution. Special stainless steel base plates and chute holders can also be provided in case of need.  As Elscint has standardized on these types of bowls and accessories, most of the parts are kept in stock and hence, deliveries can be pretty fast.  You can watch the video of the bowl feeder of the biggest cap and of the smallest cap.

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