Elscint, recently supplied 4 vibratory bowl feeders for feeding a rubber bush for a leading auto ancillary. The rubber bush was having diameter 5.7 and the height was also the same. The internal diameter was 4 mm. The orientation required was “rolling”. This required that the bush be first oriented in standing direction and then twisted in a twisted chute attached to the bowl for the required “rolling” orientation. The fact that the diameter and the height were the same, made the orientation difficult. Most of the parts came in axial or else rolling orientation. They had to be made “standing” by using a “step” inside the bowl. As a lot of parts did not stand even with this step, either being axial or width wise, they needed to be removed. This was the difficult part.

However, Elscint designed an orientation mechanism which ensured that all these parts were easily removed and only the ones which were standing went forward into the twisted chute which rotated them ninety degrees in order to make them rolling. After of the twisted chute, a gravity chute of around 400 mm was provided, mounted separately on a base plate with a sensor on the same, which ensured that the bowl feeder was switched off once the track was full. Elscint completed the first bowl feeder within 2 weeks and supplied the same. After installing the same, the customer was very satisfied with the working and hence, immediately ordered 3 more bowl feeders.

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