Staying fit and active during the lockdown is a task which most people find difficult. Even regular gym goers find it difficult to maintain their fitness routine during these times of self – isolation and social distancing. However, there has been news about a Chinese man in Wuhan who ran a half marathon in his home as well as a Frenchman who ran a full marathon of 42 kms on his balcony. Taking inspiration from these two, our Managing Director, Mr. Monish Shete recently ran a 21 km Half Marathon on his balcony. Mr. Monish Shete completed this task in 2 hrs 3 minutes. He regularly participates in Marathons and his best time has been 1 hour 57 minutes and he almost came near to that while running on his balcony. As he was wearing a smartwatch, keeping track of the time and kms was easy. When asked whether he felt giddy while running round and round, he said that it does feel giddy initially but after 3 kms, one gets used to it. He started at 6.30 am and finished at around 8.30 am, before it became too hot to run. His wife helped him by providing him with energy drinks during the run. He feels that this run would encourage more people to exercise during this extended lockdown and stay fit.

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