Elscint, recently SPM Manufacturer from Chennai approached Elscint for a bowl feeder for feeding 5 different die cast aluminum parts in the same bowl. Three parts were having like an eight with one circle bigger than the other. Additionally a small counter on the smaller circle was present on one side. The smaller side was required to come out first with the counter down. The counter being just 1.5 mm. Dimentions of all the three parts were different. This made the orientation very difficult. The balance two parts were rectangular with a hook on one side. The hook was supposed to be forward. Again one side was having a smaller counter which was required to be on the bottom side. Accommodating all these five parts in the same bowl with the least amount of changeover was also a challenge. But as usual, Elscint’s experienced and skilled bowl toolers took up the challenge and completed the bowl feeder within 8 weeks (as committed to the customer). Small air jets were used for orientation of the same. A speed of around 15 for the bigger parts (having lengths upto  40 mm and 50 for the smaller parts (having lengths upto 32 mm) was achieved as against the requirement of 12 parts per minute required by the customer. Model 400 with a cast aluminum bowl having diameter 700 mm was used and the bowl was coated with Elscnthane PU coating which ensured that the noise level was substantially reduced even if the parts were metallic.

You can watch the video of this vibratory bowl feeder. And second part, the third part, and the fourth one.

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