Elscint, recently completed a project where the requirement was to feed small pins having diameter of just 1.6 mm x 11mm length. One end of the pin was flat while the other was pointed. The customer wanted the pointed  side to come forward with the flat end trailing. Speed required was 100 pins per minute. The outlet was required in a flexible tube. The customer had already purchased a vibratory bowl feeder from a local supplier in Ludhiana but it never worked properly. More than 20% of the pins came in wrong orientation. In case of wrong orientation, the pins would get jammed in the outlet tube. Hence, the customer approached Elscint for solution to this problem. After looking at the video of the present bowl feeder, we suggested that the only option left was to scrap that bowl feeder and order a new one from Elscint.

A solution was provided with Model 160 Vibratory bowl feeder with a cylindrical bowl. The bowl was fabricated from stainless steel and the output was provided in a stainless steel tube having inner diameter of just 2 mm. The bowl had a diameter of 200 mm and a outlet tube was provided having inner diameter of 3 mm attached to the bowl feeder with a suitable adaptor bush. Elscinthane PU coating was provided for the bowl for enhancing the performance of the bowl feeder. This is a polyurethane coating which ensures that the life of the bowl increases and improves the feed rate. Elscint could achieve a feed rate of upto 140 needles per minute in proper oriented condition. The equipment was completed within 3 weeks and supplied to the customer in Punjab. You can have a look at the video of the same.  

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