Elscint recently completed a project where in the requirement was for feeding of two types of small metal cups having diameter 12 mm x 12 mm height while the other size was 16 x 16 mm in a vibratory bowl feeder in a single row. As the diameter of and the height of the cups were the same, it entailed a different type of challenge. However, Elscint took and completed this challenge within record time. A very simple adjustable changeover was provided making it easy for even the operator to change the parts fast and quick. Two vibratory bowl feeders were supplied where one was clockwise while the other was anti-clockwise. The requirement was for both to feed to tracks next to each other. The speed required was more than 120 cups per minute per row for both the sizes. The orientation required was open side facing sky. Elscint used its Model 250 for this requirement with a cast aluminium bowl with Elscinthane PU coating. This coating, which is available in green, red, brown and white colours with Elscint ensures the life of the bowl increases and the feed rate too is excellent. Model 250 has a very robust design with excellent build quality which is the hallmark of all Elscint products. The total linear speed which can be generated in Model 250 is 12.5 mtrs per minute, making it one of the fastest bowl feeders in the world. Additionally, the compact size of the bowl (having a total diameter of just 400 mm) makes it easy to mount on the customer’s table / machine, as the case might be. Hence, the choice of Model 250 for this requirement was very apt. In fact, this was a 8th system manufactured by Elscint for the same part and customer. You can watch the video of the cup bowl feeder.

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