Elscint, the leading vibratory bowl feeder manufacturer from India has developed a vibratorY bowl feeder with a mechanical singulating mechanism for feeding of single tablets into glass bottles passing on a conveyor. This is required in glass factories where one tablet needs to be inserted into a single glass bottle. The bottles are passing on a conveyor at a very high speed of almost 400 bottles per minute immediately after forming. Hence, they are extremely hot, making this insertion very difficult. But the special mechanism (mechanical singulator) developed by Elscint for this application ensures that a single tablet is released into a bottle. This mechanism is fitted on a gravity chute ahead of the bowl feeder. This special singulator is actuated with the help of the passing bottle and one tablet is dispensed into the bottle. There were two size of tablets in this particular case, having diameter 6 mm and 8 mm with the thicknesses being 3 and 4 mm respectively. There was no changeover in the bowl feeder for these two sizes but the outlet gravity track needed to be slightly adjusted and top cover had to be changed. There were various sizes of bottles having different mouth openings from diameter 20 mm to diameter 40 mm. The singulating mechanism was made in such a way that all these were taken care off. Additionally, the bottles had heights from 50 mm to 180 mm. A single post stand with (+/-) 150 mm height adjustment was provided to ensure that all these bottles were accommodated in the same equipment. Though the conveyor height remained the same, as the bottle height changed, the single post stand made it easy to align the outlet with the bottle. The equipment was completed and tested on the customer’s bottles with a conveyor. After sufficient trials, the videos of which were shared with the customer, the same was dispatched to the customer’s plant in Egypt. Elscint has been manufacturing this type of feeders on a regular basis and has at least 20 installations in various countries, but mainly in Ukraine since 2004 which are still working very well showing the excellent build quality and robustness of Elscint equipment.  You can watch the video of the bottle dispensing equipment here.

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