Elscint recently completed and exported an order for nine vibratory feeding systems for a reputed OEM in the Czech Republic. There were 8 parts (one part required two bowl feeders). The equipment consisted of vibratory bowl feeders, linear tracks and singulation mechanisms in all cases. The customer is manufacturing an assembly machine for his captive use. All the parts except two were of plastic. Amongst the balance two, one was a brass pin with head while the last one was a spring. All the parts plastic parts were very difficult to orient as the customer also required reference to certain inner dimensions for each of them. All the parts were required in standing orientation for each of pick up. However, some parts did not have weight and the diameter compared to the length of the part ws very less and hence they would not come out standing. To ensure that this problem was resolved, Elscint took the parts axially down in a chute, singulated the same and pushed the part at the pick up position with a rodless cylinder. All the bowl feeders were completed within 8 weeks and kept ready for inspection at Elscint facility in Pune, India. Once the customer inspected the same, they were shipped by airfreight to the customer’s factory in the Czech Republic.

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