Elscint, recently completed a project where the requirement was to feed Ceramic Rings having diameters ranging from dia 20 mm to dia 75 mm and having thickness from 4 mm to 12 mm at a very high speed. The rings were to be fed to on a belt conveyor for vision inspection at a high speed. A gap between two rings was  required  for proper checking by the camera. Hence, Elscint proposed a large high speed vibratory bowl feeder, Model 630 with a bowl having diameter 1100 mm. Ahead of the bowl feeder a 1000 mm length x 200 mm width high speed conveyor was placed. Further air jets and bins were placed at required positions on the conveyor to ensure that the incorrect parts were removed from the conveyor. Elscint provided the complete solution except the vision camera, which the customer mounted himself. Elscint could achieve a speed between 100 parts per minute (for the dia 70 mm rings) and 300 parts per minute (for the dia 25 mm rings). The complete system was completed and supplied in less than 5 weeks from receipt of the order. You can watch the video of this feeding system.

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