Elscint recently supplied 5 vibratory feeding system for valve plate which is a very small component having diameter 5 mm x 2.82 mm height with a small boss of dia 2 on one side. The requirement was to feed this component with the boss up further to a linear vibrator. Elscint supplied a feeding solution where the parts were loaded and oriented in a vibratory bowl feeder, namely Model 160 with a cast aluminum bowl with Elscinthane PU coating. Thereafter the parts were transferred onto a linear vibrator having a track of 180 mm length. Thereafter a pneumatic cylinder pushed the component into the fixture of the customer. The customer had purchased a bowl feeder from a local manufacturer in Bangalore and it gave a speed of just 20 pieces per minute. Further there used to be a lot of jamming of the parts in the chute. Hence, the customer approached Elscint for a solution. By using a different concept of orientation, Elscint perfected a high speed solution for this application. A speed of above 200 parts per minute was achieved. After the first unit was supplied, the customer immediately ordered 4 more units, which too Elscint supplied in record time to the satisfaction of the customer.

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