Elscint, recently a pad printing machine manufacturer approached Elscint that a bowl feeder purchased by them was not working properly with a wrong orientated parts coming out once every 20 components. The speed too was very less (50 parts per minute as against the requirement of 80 parts per minute). The manufacturer approached Elscint for a solution. Elscint suggested that the complete vibratory bowl feeder be replaced with an Elscint one. A cast aluminium bowl with Elscinthane PU coating was suggested for this application. The tooling was done in stainless steel which helped in ensuring that the required speed and orientation was possible. Speed of above 90 parts per minute was achieved and the bowl feeder had a loading capacity of 5000 parts. The plastic part had a total of 8 possibilities in which it could come forward, making the orientation and speed difficult to achieve. Elscint took this up as a challenge and completed the same in record time. You can watch the video of this vibratory bowl feeder.


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