Elscint recently manufactured and supplied a vibratory bowl feeder with a hopper elevator for feeding of three types of forged parts having diameters, dia 34, dia 36 and dia 40 mm, while the respective heights were 35 mm for the first two types and 39 mm for the third size. One side of the part had a collar. Orientation was required in flat / diameter to diameter manner with the collar down. A major concern of the customer was that wrong parts and even reverse parts should not come out of the bowl feeder in case of a mix up. The customer was ready to invest in a vision camera for ensuring this. However, the results of the vision camera were not encouraging as it could not check the difference in the diameter, which was just 2 mm for 2 sizes. Elscint made use of the bowl tooling by taking the parts first in axial manner and segregating the mix up, thereafter doing the required orientation. Further a poka yoke was provided for ensuring that reverse orientation did not come forward. After the bowl feeder, a 600 mm long linear track with adjustment for the above sizes was fixed. Thereafter a pneumatic pushing mechanism was installed to keep the part ready for pick up. Additionally, a manual feeding arrangement was provided from the front side in case the vibratory feeder was under maintenance. The bowl feeder was enclosed in a mild steel noise enclosure with a top polycarbonate see through cover. Due to the weight and size of the parts, the bowl could accommodate only 150 parts of the biggest size. Hence, Elscint provided a hopper elevator with a provision for loading 1500 parts in the same. This too was completely covered with see through polycarbonate cover. A level controller in the bowl ensured that the elevator worked only when the level of parts in the bowl got reduced. The customer was the equipment to be as compact as possible and noiseless. Elscint vibratory bowl feeders being full wave, make less noise and hence approaching Elscint for a solution was a no brainer for the customer. The equipment was to be completed and installed on a Japanese machine ordered by the customer. Elscint completed the equipment in record time and even provided commissioning of the same at the customer’s location in South India to the satisfaction of the customer. You can watch the video of this feeding system.


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