Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeder with two outlets for feeding of chain links for inspection and stacking. The chain links were required to be oriented in a particular manner and the centre distance between the two outlets was required to be 110 mm in the X axis and 80 mm in the Z axis. A gravity chute was also provided to take the parts from the bowl upto the inspection system of the customer and further from the inspection station to the stacking station. Thus two sets of separate gravity chutes were provided by Elscint. The customer required a speed of 120 parts per minute per row (2 rows). Model 400, which has a loading capacity of 30 kgs, was used for this application. However, this too was less as compared to the usage rate of the customer. Hence, an additional slat type hopper elevator with 75 ltr. Capacity was provided before the vibrator. A level controller was provided in the bowl to ensure that the elevator starts / stops based on the level of the components in the bowl feeder. A stand with (+/-) 200 mm ht. adjustment was provided for mounting the bowl feeder. Provision was made to ensure that dust on the components was removed and accumulated in a bin at the bottom of the conveyor. All this was completed in record time to the satisfaction of the customer.

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