Elscint recently manufactured a set of vibratory bowl feeders, one for feeding caps and another for feeding of plugs. The requirement was to fit the plug on the bottle and then do the capping of the cap. The plug was having dimensions dia 16.40 mm x 10 mm height while the cap was having dia 30 mm x 28 mm ht. As the diameter and the height of the cap where almost equal, the caps used to come mostly in axial position. Hence, Elscint provided a step at a couple of places to make them standing. This improved the feed rate drastically and a speed of 180 caps per minute was achieved, without the use of air. The speed of the plug too was 180 plugs a minute with open side down orientation. Ahead of the bowl feeder, a 800 mm long linear track was provided for the plug while a gravity chute was provided for the cap. The equipment was built for flame proof application and supplied to an OEM manufacturer.

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