Elscint recently manufactured a high speed vibratory counting system for various heavy parts for a South Indian customer. The parts to be counted were heavy alumimium castings. Various parts were to be accommodated in the same equipment, right from diameter 20 mm to diameter 60 mm and length varying from 30 mm to 120 mm. Presently, the customer was counting by weight and faced a lot of issues with the inaccuracies as the weights of individual parts would differ due to variation in the casting process.

Solution –

Hence, Elscint offered a solution to ensure that the parts were counted by numbers and not by weight. This ensured 100% accurate counting and no discrepancies. Elscint provided a large vibratory bowl feeder having diameter of around 1100 mm to accommodate all the sizes, especially the big ones. After the bowl feeder a belt conveyor was fixed on which the counting took place with the help of sensors. A noise enclosure was provided to reduce the noise level from around 85 Db (without enclosure) to around 73 Db (with enclosure). The enclosure was made of mild steel lined with acoustic foam from inside and a top polycarbonate cover of 10 mm was provided to ensure that no noise percolated outside.

Ease of Operation – 

The complete equipment was mounted on a single stand while the control panel was mounted on a separate stand to ensure that vibrations of the big bowl feeder were not transferred to the control panel. The belt conveyor was 800 mm long, made from aluminium extrusions with adjustable side guides to ensure that various sizes of components were accommodated easily with the least amount of change over. The equipment was completed in record time and shipped to the customer’s location in Chennai. You can watch the video of the counting equipment here.

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