Elscint recently manufactured and supplied a large bowl feeder for feeding of big spherical rollers having size dia 40 mm x 38 mm length. It was a heavy part, weighing almost 400 mm each. The orientation required was rolling. Elscint used its Model 630 vibratory bowl feeder for this purpose. The capacity of the same is 50 kgs by weight. The speed required was less, just about 10 to 12 parts per minute. As against this, Elscint achieved a speed or feed rate of 55 to 60 parts per minute in the required orientation. A sensor was placed on the gravity track (supplied by Elscint) connecting the bowl feeder to the machine of the customer. Once the gravity track got full, the bowl feeder was switched off and once it was empty, the same was restarted. This help saved energy costs as well as noise. The parts being heavy and large, the noise level as very high. Elscint used its Elscinthane double coating, which helped reduce the same to a certain extent and additionally a mild steel noise enclosure lined with acoustic foam was placed on the bowl feeder, further reducing the noise level. The enclosure has a 8 mm thk top polycarbonate cover. With all this, the noise level was reduced to just 70 Db. A stand with (+/-) 100 mm ht. adjustment was also supplied with the equipment for ease of adjustment.


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