Elscint recently completed a project wherein there were two bowl feeders, one clockwise and one anti-clockwise for feeding of spouts without caps. The orientation required was mouth forward vertically down. Further a straight chute with a singulator too was required ahead of the bowl feeder. Both the bowl feeders were mounted on a single table with easy “X” Adjustment for movement with a ball screw and wheel.

Elscint used its Model 400 with a conical bowl for this applicable. The ht. at which the bowl feeders were kept was almost 2 metres and hence a belt elevator with 75 ltr. capacity was provided. As the customer had space constraints, a 90 degrees vertical elevator was provided. A single elevator was used to fill both the bowl feeders. For this a separate reversible conveyor was provided on top of the bowl feeders with level controllers in both the bowl feeder. The electrical wiring was properly concealed and all CE requirements were adhered to. The customer required a speed of 60 spouts per minute per bowl feeder. Elscint could achieve more than 75 spouts per minute per bowl feeder. There being a sensor in each of the chutes, the bowl feeder, reversible conveyor and the elevator were switched on / off as and when the chute got full. As the requirement was for a food grade pouch making machine, all the touching parts were made in stainless steel 316 while all other parts were of Stainless steel 304. Sensors and motors of reputed make were used with Elscint make gear boxes.

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