Elscint has recently modified the design of its Rotary Feeder for feeding of Needle Rollers. The earlier version used to have a speed or feed rate of 15 metres per minute. The modified design can achieve a speed of upto 40 metres per minute. The basic structure of the equipment is changed in order to get this high speed. This high speed unit finds application for feeding of needle rollers to centerless grinding machine. The requirement for this application is for a very high speed feeder (feeding at a speed of above 30 meters per minute). A big factor for most users is that they need to feed a variety of needle rollers in this Rotary Feeder. The new design perfected by Elscint ensures that sizes from diameter 1.5 mm till diameter 15 mm can be easily fed in the same Feeder with very less changeover. In fact, the only part to be changed is the outlet tube. The construction is such that the tube can be easily changed without any adjustment required when the needle roller size changes.

The Rotary Feeder has a rugged design with excellent build quality, which is the hallmark of all Elscint products. It is made in Cast Iron Casting and lined with stainless steel for better rigidity. The top is covered with a see through polycarbonate sheet. The loading capacity is almost 30 kgs. The diameter being 390 mm, the equipment is very compact and more versatile than a vibratory bowl feeder. An AC Geared Motor of Elscint Make having Variable Speed is provided with this so that the speed or feed rate can be varied as required. This helps adjust the Feeding Speed according to the actual requirement of the user. The advantage in case of a Rotary Feeder as against a Vibratory Parts Feeder is that Rotary Feeders work at much higher speeds and thus a better feed rate can be achieved. Further, this Rotary Feeder makes negligible noise as compared to a vibratory bowl feeder. The maintenance too is very less, with only greasing of the gear box to be done as routine maintenance. These type of Rotary Feeders are available with Elscint Automation at a very attractive price and fast delivery.  You can watch the video of the same.

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