Elscint has developed special expertise in feeding flat drippers, which are used in drip irrigation pipes at a very high speed in an oriented manner. A Rotary / Centrifugal Feeder having a unique design has been designed for feeding of the flat drippers. The size of drippers is 6 mm width x 3 mm thickness x 37 mm length.

The Elscint rotary / centrifugal feeder has a rugged design with all the parts being machined on CNC for high accuracy. All the parts are planned in a manner that they provide better rigidity and extremely high build quality..

The design perfected by Elscint is a single rotating disc version. A diameter 800 mm single disc is provided inside a drum. The disc rotates at a very high rpm of 120 rpm by way of an AC Geared Motor Model DM 52 of Elscint Make. The drippers are loaded in this disc and due to the centrifugal movement they rotate and come out of the opening kept on one side of the drum. At the opening area, the orientation strip is provided by way of a separate machined part. The unique design of the dripper is such that one side is having 1 mm legs while the other is plain. The legs have to be always down. Ahead of the Rotary / Centrifugal Feeder, a small belt conveyor of 300 mm length is placed, having a very high speed of 150 metres per minute.

One disadvantage of a Rotary Feeder is that the number of components which are loaded in it have to be limited to ensure there is no jamming or blockage. Hence, a stock hopper is required in order to replenish the Rotary Feeder on a regular basis. Accordingly, Elscint has provided for a stock hopper having capacity of 50 ltrs with a level controller. This level controller ensures that the number of drippers in the rotary feeder always remains within a particular band.

Ahead of the Rotary / Centrifugal Feeder, Elscint provides a 3 mtr long belt conveyor with a top see through guide to ensure that drippers are carried forward and sufficient buffer is created. The speed of this belt conveyor is 80 metres per minute and it too works on an Elscint Geared Motor Model DM 38 of suitable RPM.

The speed achieved in this type of Rotary / Centrifugal Feeder is 2000 drippers per minute. All the motors are provided with variable drives so that this speed can be controlled according to the requirement of the customer. The complete Rotary / Centrifugal feeder is enclosed in an enclosure with a see through openable polycarbonate cover.

There are various models in this type of Rotary Feeder having various options like complete build in Al Extrusions, M.S. Square Tube, Stainless Steel enclosure, powder coated enclosure, Motor Makes, speed required etc. You can watch the video of the Rotary / Centrifugal Feeder working at 1500 drippers per minute as well as the one working at 2000 drippers per minute.

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