Elscint recently supplied three vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of various sizes of plastic caps including conical ones to Egypt. Uptill now, Elscint has supplied more than 15 bowl feeders to this customer for various sizes of caps, stand up as well as conical ones. The requirement was to feed the same in “open side down orientation” to the capping machine of the customer. The scope of supply included only the vibratory bowl feeder. Each bowl was made suitable for two to three caps. As the caps were of a small size, Elscint used its Model 250 for all the requirements.

The caps came out in open side facing sky in the bowl, thereafter the caps were twisted in the bowl itself to make them all upside down (open side down) as the tendency of the caps was to come in open side up position in the bowl feeder. Cast Al bowls were used with tooling in stainless steel. The bowl was coated with Elscinthane PU coating.

The order was completed within 4 weeks and dispatched by airfreight to the customer’s location in Egypt.


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