Elscint recently completed a project for feeding of 2 types of caps, one having diameter 50.50 x 31.50 mm ht and another one having diameter 31.20 x 18 mm ht. The required orientation for the bigger size cap was open side up while that for the smaller size cap was open side down. Additionally, a very high speed of 125 caps per minute was required and same bowl was to be used. Hence, Elscint provided some innovative changeover tooling to make this possible and the required feed rate for each of the caps was achieved. Further, a stand was provided to mount the bowl feeder and a gravity track ahead of the bowl to take the caps from the bowl to the customer’s conveyor. The project was completed in less than 4 weeks and delivered to the customer’s place. A stainless steel step design bowl of Model 400 was used for this purpose.


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