Elscint recently manufactured 8 vibratory bowl feeders for of needle roller bearing shells of various sizes through the same Bowl. The sizes of the shells varies from dia 15 mm to diameter 50 mm and ht. from 10 mm to 60 mm. Amongst these were shells where the diameter was less than the height as well those having diameter more than the height. While some were even having diameter equal to the height. All these different types of shells belong to different families as far are feeding them in a bowl feeder is concerned. However, Elscint has designed proprietary tooling in such a way that the feeding of all these is possible in the same bowl feeder with easy changeover. A cast aluminium bowl was used for this purpose which was lined with Elscinthane Polyurethane coating. This not only reduces the Noise Level but also the feed rate can be improved due to the superior finish. In fact, the noise level can be reduced by about 10 to 15 Db due to this coating. The feed rate achieved was about 4 Mtrs / Minute, depending upon the component size. More importantly, as is the standard with Elscint bowl feeders, an overflow arrangement was been provided so that the need for having a Sensor is eliminated. As Elscint has made this a standard item, this Bowl Feeder is very competitively priced and available at a very low lead time.

You can watch the video of the vibratory bowl feeder for feeding bearing shells.

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