Elscint recently completed a project where in the requirement was for feeding a plastic tripod having 3 legs and a pointed side on the top. The orientation required was the three legs at the bottom with the pointed side up, hanging on a rail. The parts had a tendency of getting entangled as the legs were slightly flexible. Additionally the weight of the part was towards the top pointed side. Due to this getting the part in the required direction was a challenge and especially due to the fact that as mentioned above, the legs would get entangled. Hence, Elscint suggested Model 400 with a cast aluminium step design bowl having diameter of around 700 mm. A large size bowl ensured that the parts would spread out and hence the entanglement of the parts was also reduced to some extent. Additionally, the bowl was coated with Elscinthane PU coating for good performance and long life. The tooling was made in stainless steel. Ahead of the bowl feeder, a linear track of 800 mm length was provided. The whole system was mounted on a cubical stand with height adjustment of (+/-) 100 mm with a central screw. As the screw had a full keyway, the outlet position of the feeder did not change even while increasing / reducing the height. The stand was mounted on four PU levelling screws with provision for grouting. You can watch the video of the vibratory bowl feeder.


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