Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory feeding systems for feeding of nuclear pallets to a centerless grinding machine. The pellets were having diameter 14 mm to 16 mm and length too varied between 15 mm to 18 mm. Handling of nuclear pellets is hazardous for the operator and hence the customer wanted to automate his process. Further, the output too increases tremendously as due to automatic feeding and productivity could be increased. The equipment consisted of a vibratory bowl feeder and conveyor ahead of the same. A table is also provided to mount both these units. Additionally, a loading tray with a vibrator was provide for loading the pellets through their boat. A Stand with (+-/-) 100 mm ht. adjustment and X – Y movement was provided for ease of adjustment. The complete system was enclosed in a mild steel enclosure with acoustic foam and top polycarbonate see through cover. The enclosure also ensured that no dust came out, thus making the complete system safe for an operator. There were some amount of chips which were fed along with the pellets. Proper dust holes were provided with a pipe to take out the dust and chips from the equipment. They were accumulated in a separate bin.

Elscint not only completed this equipment but installed and commissioned the same at the customers plant.

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