Elscint Automation, recently manufactured a supplied an auto feeding system for feeding of plastic rings to a centerless grinding machine. The requirement was to feed a small ring having dia 7.5 mm x 4.6 mm thickness to a centerless grinding machine. The orientation required was axial or lengthwise as they had to be fed into the through feed centerless grinding machine. Elscint manufactured a special cylindrical design bowl made in stainless steel for this applicable. As the rings were very small, Model 160 was chosen along with Elscint Linear Vibrator Model Elscint III. The complete system was mounted on a stand with a height adjustment of (+/-) 100 mm to ensure that the outlet tube can be aligned to the machine work-rest. The linear vibrator was added to ensure a proper and consistent push for the rings as they enter the work rest of the grinding machine, thus simulating the process of manual operation wherein the operator gives a slight push to the components as they enter the grinding machine.


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