Elscint recently manufactured two sets of vibratory feeding systems for feeding of radioactive pallets. The pallet size was dai 15 with length ranging between 15 to 16 mm. The requirement was to feed to a centerless grinding machine in axial orientation with a speed of 120 parts per minute. The pallets having a very high bulk density, were heavy and hence a big vibrator was recommended, namely, Model 630. This ensured more than 50 kgs of storage in the bowl itself. The pallets were also very brittle, resulting in chipping. Hence, Elscint proposed Elscinthbrush coating which ensured that the pallets are not chipped off or damaged, even if they fall from the top row. Further, the extent of falling in the bowl for orientation was reduced with correct type of tooling. Ahead of the bowl feeder, a 1000 mm long linear track was provided with proper mounting arrangement. The complete system was installed on a stand and shipped to the customer’s factory. You can watch the video of the equipment.

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