Many times there are cases where one is faced with a situation of having an old bowl feeder which is not working properly and feels that the cost involved to replace the same is not justified. However, as we at Elscint always say, the earlier you replace your old, non-performing bowl feeder with an Elscint make one, the better as it works out cheaper in the long run with increased productivity, output and flawless operation. Recently, there was a requirement where in a machine manufacturer approached Elscint with a request to replace his old bowl feeder which was purchased just 3 months back from a well-known Mumbai based bowl feeder manufacturer but it never worked satisfactorily as either the parts would get jammed and additionally the feeding rate was just 20 parts per minute.

It was for feeding of small brass parts having size 12 x 12 mm with 1.5 mm thickness with a bent. The customer required two outlets at a centre distance of 30 mm in the same orientation. The customer had manufactured a doubled head automatic tapping machine and the bowl feeder was for feeding of the parts to the two tracks. As the present bowl feeder was running slowly and additionally, there was a lot of jamming, he wanted to change the same. Elscint designed a special bowl feeder for this purpose with two tracks giving speed of more than 100 parts per minute per outlet! Additionally, there was no jamming and flawless operation. Elscint completed the order in just 4 weeks so that the customer could deliver the machine before March end.

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