Elscint recently manufactured a set of three Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding of three separate plastic parts, namely, cap, plunger and barrel. There were part of a syringe and the customer required automatic feeding for his assembly line where the syringe was filled and packed. As the dimensions of each of the parts were different, Elscint suggested separate models for each of these parts. The cap, being just 18 mm x 10 mm ht. was fed in Model 250 with the flange up / bowl side down orientation. The plunger was having diameter 12 mm x 70 mm length. This was required in head up orientation on a rail. For this, Model 400 was used while Model 630 was used for the barrel which as having diameter 20 mm x 145 mm length. This too was required in head up orientation. Further, in all cases, a linear vibrator was required for conveying the part forward. The track length was 650 mm in all the three cases. Further, this being a medical part, all the parts, including the bowl, table, mounting base plate etc were required in stainless steel. Elscint used 50 x 50 stainless steel square tube pipe structure for the stands. Even the linear vibrator mounting plates were made in stainless steel. You can watch the video of the Barrel bowl feeder.

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