Elscint recently manufactured and supplied a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of metal split dowel pins. The diameter of the dowel pin was dia 3 mm x 25 mm length. It was split on one side with the cut being 1 mm. The problem in such cases is that such pins get into each other. Elscint designed the tooling in such a way that entangled pins would not come out of the bowl. However, the requirement was to feed these in a tube and due to vibrations, in case the outlet was closed, the pins would rotate and get into each other. This required the output tube to be in such a way that there was no chance for the pins to get into each other. Anything less and the pins would jam. Elscint procured the right size of tube to ensure that the feeding was smooth and without any entanglement. Model 160 with a step type Cast Aluminium bowl with Elscinthane bowl coating was used for this application.

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