Elscint has developed a unique vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of elements of various sizes. The sizes of the elements range from dia 15 mm to dia 80 mm and length varies from 20 mm to 110 mm. All these have to be fed in the same bowl with proper and easy changeover tooling. Elscint has standardized on its Model 400 with a Cast Aluminium bowl for this purpose. The bowl is coated with Elscinthane PU coating and has a V channel at the end for easy moment of the elements onto the track of the machine. For ensuring that this wide variety of parts are accommodated in the same bowl, the tooling system designed is mounted on the base plate and not on the bowl (ensuring that the weight of the tooling does not disturb the working of the bowl by making it unwieldy. The tooling provided with easy X and Z moment with a screw with locking facility. This is provided towards the outlet area so that a single lengthwise component only comes out. The wipers provided for single line flow and ensuring that standing elements fall down too are provided with slots ensuring easy adjustment. As this tooling is made standard and kept in stock, delivery for such bowl feeders is fast and price very economical.

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