Elscint recently completed an six vibratory bowl feeder order from a reputed OEM who is manufacturing an assembly machine for his captive use. The parts were ranging from O ring to spherical bearing to washers and dowels, both plastic as well as metal. Though most of the parts were easy to orient, the washer was slightly complicated as the customer wanted it axial with its ears on each side. The tendency of this part was to come flat with the ears in the front and back. However, with the tooling system designed by Elscint, the required orientation was possible. Along with the bowl feeders, a linear track, ranging from 600 mm to 1100 mm as required as also a mounting stand having (+/-) 100 mm ht. adjustment. All the vibratory feeders used were Model VBF 160, some with stainless steel cylindrical bowls or else with cast aluminium bowls, with Elscinthane PU coating. The linear vibrator Model used was SM II which is a very compact one, most suitable for such small parts. The customer wanted early delivery and the same was provided in less than 8 weeks of receipt of the order. You can watch the video of the washer bowl feeder.


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