Application –
Elscint recently completed a project where in the requirement was for feeding of Nail Polish Caps (with brush).
Orientation –
The orientation required was brush towards the ground. The size of the cap was dia 16 mm x 56 mm length. The diameter being less vis a vis the length of the cap, all the caps came in axial orientation in the bowl feeder. They would not even stand either on the brush side or even on the reverse side. To resolve this problem, Elscint provided a special arrangement to get the caps rolling in the bowl itself and then twisted them 90 degrees to ensure the brush was always down.
Linear Track –
Ahead of the bowl feeder, an 800 mm long linear track with Elscint Model LF II Linear vibrator was provided. The total system was mounted on a single base plate for ease of integration for the customer.
Special Requirements –
The main requirement was that the vibratory bowl feeder was to be flame proof as it was to be kept in a combustible environment. Hence, Elscint provided the controls and coil connections in a separate electrical panel, which was housed in a flame proof control box. The vibratory feeder as well as the linear vibrator too was made flame proof and all cables were insulated accordingly.
Speed / Feed Rate –
Elscint achieved a speed of more than 120 caps per minute against the requirement of 100 caps per minute.
Delivery –
The requirement was for 2 systems and both were completed and delivered to the customer, who is a reputed machine builder in record time.

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