Elscint recently manufactured a unique Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding of joined plastic vials. Five vials were joined together and there was liquid in the same. The complete sizes was 83 x 95 mm and the second size was 60 x 68 mm. The orientation required was that the vials should come out widthwise with the mouth towards bowl centre. Speed required was 30 parts per minute. There were a total of 4 orientation possibilities and hence getting the required speed for such a large component was difficult. However, with the help of a air twisting mechanism, Elscint ensured that the wrongly oriented components were turned and hence, speed could be increased. Ahead of the bowl feeder, a 800 mm long linear track was provided. The complete equipment was to be mounted on a stainless steel stand along with a lever controller. The mounting plate too was provided with Stainless Steel cladding. The control panel was housed inside the stand cover and again was fabricated in stainless steel. The bowl and the linear track was fabricated in stainless steel 316L grade while the stand and other covers were in grade 304. Elscint completed the equipment in record time and with aesthetic look required by the customer, who is a world renowned pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer. The joined vails were then fed to a cutting machine to cut the same and then onto a packaging machine. You can watch the video of this bowl feeder for feeding of the equipment.

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