Elscint recently manufactured a small vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of a very small rubber part which required very critical orientation. By using a machined track for the same, Elscint achieved 100% correct orientation and also ensured the required speed of 100 parts per minute per track was achieved easily. The rubber part had a small collar which was required to be at the bottom. The tooling was completely machined to ensure repeatability and made at three places so that any changes of a wrong part coming forward were completely eliminated.

Output was required in two rows. The parts came up in a single line and then were divided into two rows at the outer end of the bowl. As two rows were provided, proper overflow arrangement was provided in both rows. Ahead of the bowl feeder a small linear vibrator with 300 mm double track was fixed. This too was completely machined. Elscint used a small vibratory bowl feeder of approximately 200 mm in diameter (Model 160 with a cylindrical bowl) for this purpose. Elscint completed the equipment and its service engineer installed and commissioned the same at the customer’s factory in the South of India within record time.


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