Elscint recently completed an order for a double head Automatic Tapping Machine. Two different components required tapping. However, the tap size and the pitch was same for both the components. Hence, Elscint suggested a single tapping machine with two bowl feeders but a single tapping machine (with 2 spindles). The advantage was saving of costs. The components were fed through two separate vibratory bowl feeders to the individual tapping stations by a gravity chute. At the tapping station, tapping took place with the help of a specially designed double spindle tapping attachment. The components were stopped with an (patented) Elscint pneumatic escapement while the tapping took place. Further, the components were also clamped separately to ensure they do not twist or turn during tapping. After tapping, the tapped components were released / unloaded to fall into a bin. Two separate bins were provided for each of the two components. The machine had provision to run either both or either of the components. The machine had a Siemens make PLC and a HMI by which the operator could select which component to run. This provided the customer with the required flexibility for its production run. The parts were of brass and a speed of 15 to 18 parts per minute per type of component was achieved. The complete machine was enclosed in a dust free polycarbonate cover.


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