Elscint recently manufactured a miniature vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of small springs having diameter 5 mm and length 11 mm. Feeding of springs is very complicated as they have a tendency of getting entangled. However, the special bowl design developed by Elscint ensures that entangled springs do not come forward but also get disentangled. In this particular case, the requirement was to feed them in a single row, remove the entangled springs, if any and then feed them into a tubular gravity chute for hand pick up at the end of the chute. There was a space constraint and hence the customer wanted a very small bowl feeder for this application. Hence, Elscint recommended its Model 100 with a cylindrical bowl having diameter120 mm with a single track. The springs which were entangled were removed from the outlet position and fell back into the bowl. The falling impact, ensured that most of these entangled springs got disentangled. Additionally, a sensor was fixed on the fixed tubular gravity chute so that once the chute was full, the bowl feeder could be switched off.


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