Elscint recently manufactured a small vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of small silver parts having 4 legs on one side a flat side. The orientation was to get the legs up. The parts were having dimensions 2.5 mm diameter x 3.5 mm ht. of the legs. Elscint used a very small vibratory bowl feeder having a bowl of diameter 120 mm and designed the outlet chute in such a way that any parts which were coming sleeping fell back into the bowl. Only the parts having legs up were taken forward. As against a required speed of 60 parts per minute, speed of above 200 parts was achieved. A small machined portion of 100 mm was attached to the bowl. The customer wanted a separate gravity chute which he could mount on is machine. Hence, Elscint also provided the same. Mounting of this chute was to be done by the customer. You can watch the vibratory of the Elscint Small Bowl Feeder.


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