Elscint recently completed a project for feeding of 5 types of caps having diameter 13 mm to dia 20 mm and ht. from 5 mm to 25 mm. The speed / feed rate required was 250 caps per minute. This being a pharmaceutical application, Elscint designed a special stainless steel step design bowl for this purpose. The orientation required was open side facing sky. This was achieved and the speed / feed rate achieved was between 250 to 500 caps per minute, depending upon the size of the caps. Very high speed was possible for the ones having diameter more than the height. However, the ones where the diameter was less than the height usually come in axial direction and hence achieving such a high speed for those is a challenge. Further ensuring all these caps are fed in the same bowl, with least possible changeover tooling is another challenge. However, Elscint easily completed the project and supplied it to the customer along with a stand and a gravity chute and sensor to ensure that the caps are then further fed onto the conveyor of the customer.

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