Elscint manufactures a high speed cap vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of caps for capping machines. Elscint manufactures a total of 6 vibrator drives and due to the high speed, either model 400, model 400 HD or model 630 is used for this application. Various sizes of caps can be fed in the same bowl feeder with slight changeover tooling.

In fact, for a recent project, there were two caps, one having diameter 43 x 9.3 mm ht while the other one was having diameter 51 x 9.5 mm ht. and the speed required was 150 caps per minute. For this application, Elscint manufactured a special type of bowl wherein the speed achieved was 220 caps per minute for the one having diameter 43 mm and 185 caps per minute for the one having diameter 51 mm. This translates into a linear speed of 9.5 mtrs per minute (after orientation!). Elscint used a unique concept whereby such a high speed could be achieved. Model 400 with a cast aluminium bowl coated with Elscinthane PU coating was used for this application. Additionally, the changeover tooling too was very easy for the operator to change. Proper overflow arrangement was provided in the bowl so that the caps would fall back into the bowl in case the outlet was closed.

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